April 27th is World Veterinary Day, so we wanted to take some time to recognize some of what makes Juanita Bay Veterinary Hospital so special. For over 50 years, our hospital has been working with pet owners to help their pets live long and healthy lives by providing the most advanced, progressive care and technology. We do this because it is what we would want for our own animals, and we know how important it is that they be seen with a loving eye as well as a knowledgeable one.

The owner and medical director of Juanita Bay Veterinary Hospital is our very own Dr. Michael Clark. It was Dr. Clark’s father who founded the hospital back in the 1960’s, truly making this a family practice. While Dr. Clark’s role in the practice and his degree from Washington State University’s School of Veterinary Medicine speak to his love of the profession, his passions continue beyond the doors of our hospital. Along with being a motorcycle and automobile enthusiast, Dr. Clark likes to spend his free time biking, fly tying and fly fishing . He and his wife have one cat, one dog and two daughters.