Cat Friendly Practice

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Cat Friendly PracticeJuanita Bay Veterinary Hospital is certified as a Cat Friendly Practice by the American Association of Feline Practitioners. This means that our veterinarians and staff have taken steps to provide you and your cat with excellent care support. Juanita Bay values the feline patient’s needs in the physical environment, when at the veterinary hospital and the way our veterinarians deliver medical care. We understand how to approach and handle cats in a gentle, empathetic, and caring manner.

Bringing your cat to the veterinarian can be stressful for you and your cat. At Juanita Bay Veterinary Hospital, we want both you and your pets to be comfortable. For this reason, we set out to achieve a Cat Friendly Practice. Our animal hospital received this distinction in March 2017 by demonstrating that cat’s needs are unique and that extra care is taken when handling the cats we see.

Using Cat Friendly techniques reduces the stress that can be associated with veterinary visits and helps to improve the quality of care provided. Our entire veterinary team is trained to understand cats. Juanita Bay has the knowledge and resources to recognize distinct needs and behaviors of cats.

Cat Friendly Practice


Some measures we have taken to be Cat Friendly

  • Cats are welcomed into their exam room right away to prevent encounters with dogs and unfamiliar smells
  • We provide a pheromone therapy treated towel to help them feel safe and calm
  • Staff is trained in low stress handling techniques
  • If your cat needs to stay- we have a separate cat ward for hospitalized patients
  • Veterinarians maintain additional training for the care and support of feline patients
  • If your cat is hard to catch we offer really great tips and videos to make the process easier for both of you

Juanita Bay Veterinary Hospital can provide you and your cat the benefits of choosing a Cat Friendly Practice. Most importantly, this means a visit is less stressful for our feline patients and their cats.